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layered necklaces + why I missed the first day of senior year









DRESS: Tobi / SHOES: Michael Kors (old) similar

Aaand another dress! It’s honestly way too hot to be wearing anything else in Arizona PLUS we’ve been having storms lately so it has been super humid and muggy. I’m not complaining though, I will take any excuse to wear a dress and I think this one is super cute!!! A tip I learned from a photoshoot a couple years ago and one of my favorite tricks for dressing up a simple outfit is to add a bunch of necklaces and that is exactly what I did here! It seems strange at first but the more you add, the better it looks and you can add/subtract as needed 😉 I swear it is the easiest, most fool-proof way of accessorizing and I will be doing this for forever!!!

In other news, today was supposed to be my first day of my senior year but I’m already graduated so no school for me!! I have mixed feelings about it but for the most part I am super happy!! High school ended up not being my cup of tea (I am planning on writing more about this soon!). So for now I summer on.. until January when I start at ASU!! Could not be more excited for that and I’m hoping I have a littttle more luck in college than I did in high school. I think that I will and I am so looking forward to it, the future is bright!!!

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