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cutest baby ever + my nordstrom addiction







Brookie 2

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shirt: Topshop     //     jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch     //     shoes: Steve Madden

Is it just me or is Nordstrom the best store ever?? I swear they have everything I could ever want and it’s all such high quality that it’s easy for me to justify, especially for basics (I buy all my t-shirts there)! I went there 4 different times during the Nordstrom anniversary sale (heaven) and found this off-shoulder top on one of my visits. I have loved this trend for awhile but this was my first time actually wearing a shirt like this and I am obsessed with coral so it definitely had my name written all over it haha. Also I have never been much of a shoe person so I love a good basic shoe that goes with everything and I know I will be wearing these a ton!!! I am tempted to get them in black too because they are so effortless and comfortable.

Okay how cute is this Gracie girl?!? I already love babies but seriously she is the cutest and sweetest baby ever!!! The other day I went to see this precious angel for the first time and got to cuddle and squeeze her for a little bit and I was in heaven. I was taking her picture and she was just smiling and posing like she knew what I was doing and wanted to look cute for her pictures haha, perfect model baby 😉 I got to catch up with her mama too who is such a good mom and I swear her and little Grace are twins. Maybe she will even be in more posts in the future!! Also just finished my last day at my current (old? 🙁 ) Starbucks and took pictures of the occasion which I will be sharing very soon! They turned out really cute, you can definitely see everyone’s personalities come out and get an idea of what it is like to work there! Watch for that post coming soon!! Until then I hope you are all having a lovely Monday, I will see you here next week! ♡

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