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nektar juice bar acai bowl

street view

steven is a cutie pie

white t-shirt

picnic on orange blanket

my own little picnic

sitting on grass

how amazing does this look?? sooooo yummy

brooke smilling

steven driving

my driver/photographer for the day, bff for forever!!

shirt: Madewell     //     shorts: Abercrombie (old) similar   //     bralette: Calvin Klein     //     shoes: Steve Madden (on sale in black!)

Changing it up today with a more lifestyle-y post and I am OBSESSED with how it turned out!!! I love the fact that this blog is going to keep all my memories and I will be able to look back on my stories and also get to share them with all of you!! It is seriously my favorite thing ever. This day my good friend Steven and I drove all around Mesa and it was so fun, I have been loving to explore new areas lately!! I am a sucker for cute little food places, and the Nektar we went to was extra cute. I reaaaally wanted to take pictures in there but Steven told me no (I still got some on my phone, hehe). It was a really pretty day too but way too hot 🙁 We had to stay in the shade the whole time at the park, which was deserted (because what crazy people choose to go to the park midday in August in AZ? Us apparently!!!), just to avoid overheating haha. I feel like I complain about the heat in every single one of my posts but I swear Arizona has a never ending summer and not in a good way and I am definitely looking forward to cooler weather. Still a fun day though! Also how nice is Steven for driving me all over Mesa to get smoothie bowls and be my photographer for the day? So lucky to have him!

On a not-so-happy note, yesterday my tire blew on the freeway and it was so scary!!! Luckily my mom was with me so I was a lot more calm, seriously would have been 100x worse if I had been alone. I called the roadside assistance to have them tow my car off of the freeway and they took 3 hours to even be on their way. When they called and said they were finally coming we told them never mind because my dad came instead to take care of it. I am such a lucky girl to have the parents I have, they are the greatest!!


P.S. these madewell t-shirts??? THE BEST. I stocked up on these in white because I seem to have a hard time keeping my white shirts white haha. They are not too expensive either and such good quality. Highly highly recommend 😉 .

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  • Dayna

    August 22, 2016 at 10:18 pm Reply

    It doesn’t look hot and miserable, but does make me want to ditch work and go out for a picnic! And I really want those shoes!

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