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braids for days


how angry do I look in this? nooo idea why haha

Brooklynne_yoga_backbend Brooklynne_yoga_braids Brooklynne_yoga_childs_pose Brooklynne_yoga_cute Brooklynne_yoga_dancer Brooklynne_yoga_hairBrooklynne_yoga_full_lengthBrooklynne_yoga_down_dog Brooklynne_yoga_eagle
Brooklynne_yoga_happy_walk Brooklynne_yoga_sittingBrooklynne_yoga_laugh

Brooklynne_yoga_smiling Brooklynne_yoga_standing Brooklynne_yoga_stretch

sports bra: Athleta     //     sweat pants: Athleta     //     shoes: Nike

Happy Monday everyone!!! Today I am sharing a workout look that I am in love with. I know in every post I have something to rave about and today it’s these pants!!!! They are kind of in between leggings and sweatpants, they fit tighter than most sweatpants but are the material of leggings and they are pure perfection. I’m not exaggerating!! It was over 100 degrees and they did not make me hot at all!!! Like how?!?! In the summer I always have to wear shorts or I get heat rash and I didn’t get it with these so I am convinced they are magic hehe. Also Athleta has some of the cutest sports bras ever, that store is heaven if you are as obsessed with athleisure as I am.

I used to do yoga in school everyday and loved it but I haven’t done much since and I definitely miss it. I just started stretching again recently and it is so sad how much flexibility I’ve lost in just a few months 🙁 I always  make an effort to eat healthy and make sure I am giving my body the proper nutrition it needs but I have been slacking on exercise and I need to be better!! I really believe that nutrition is 70%, but exercise is 30 so I for sure need to be putting more effort in. I am hoping that writing it in my blog will hold me accountable! No more excuses!!!!!

I wear my hair in these 2 little braids all the time and people always give me compliments (the sweetest!!) and ask if I do them myself. I do and it is the quickest and cutest hairstyle ever ever ever!!!  I want to cut my hair soon but I’m not 100% sure and the only reason is because if I did I couldn’t do my hair like this. That’s how much I love it. Ahhh decisions decisions. My hair does grow really fast though so I think I will go for it. Stay tuned for my haircut coming up 😉

I hope you guys have an amazing week, I will see you here next Monday! ♡

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