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Hi everyone!! I hope you have all had a fabulous weekend. I know I did!!! Worked 36 hours within the span of Friday through Sunday. Soooo safe to say I am pretty exhausted!! No matter how much you love your job I don’t think there is anyone who wants to work that long ahhh. On Saturday I was working the drive through and a woman ordered strawberry acai refresher with nonfat milk. Since they are totally different textures they separate after sitting for a minute so when I handed it to her she immediately asked for it to be remade. It was a super busy day (as usual) and I was definitely feeling the exhaustion from barista-ing a 12 hour day following a 15 hour day and I looked at my coworker and (quietly) said “I need a desk job.” A moment later I handed the new drink to the lady waiting and she had heard my comment and she was notttttt happy. She said “You need a desk job just because I asked for my drink to be remade?” and I of course apologized and said no I just have been working since 7am it has been a long and stressful day, nothing to do with you remaking your drink. I did feel really bad though but it was so crazy that she heard me say that because it was so quiet and not even close to the window. Definitely will never be complaining anywhere within sight of a customer ever again, we live and we learn!!

Today’s post is a roundup of some outfit inspiration I found on Pinterest. I am super active on there always looking for new ideas and getting inspo from other bloggers 🙂 Follow me on Pinterest here for more. See you all next Monday!


loooove Sincerely Jules she has the best instagram!!


obsessed with stripes if you haven’t noticed already


when I first saw this on Pinterest I was like I have to have this shirt!!! And then I found it and it was super expensive..nevermind but so so good!!


PSL’s are life


not sure who this is but we have matching hair!! come back next week to see my new do 😉

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