new hair + bff birthday - BROOKE PAIGE
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new hair + bff birthday


How cute is he?! Someone stopped us in the mall and told him he should be a model.. I agree 😉




They mix the milk and toppings in mixers with nitrogen to freeze it!!

park_day_down park_day_hair park_day_lake park_day_model park_day_sass
park_day_tree steven_park steven_park3

shirt: Topshop     //     shorts: Urban Outfitters    //     shoes: Converse

Hi everyone, Monday again!! For once I am actually sad that the weekend is over 🙁 Steven came from Flagstaff for his birthday (19!!!!) and we had the best day ever!! I hadn’t seen him in almost a month which sucks but at the same time makes the time we get extra special. And the fact that I had most of the day off didn’t hurt 😉 That never happens!! Especially on the weekend I was soooooo grateful (s/o to Selena and my other awesome coworkers for being awesome and letting me leave early, love you guys!!!!!!).We spent the day in Scottsdale (my fav); shopping, eating and of course made a stop at the park, one of our favorite places to go!

While we were walking around we came across the coolest ice cream place (that I’ve seen in real life, am dying to try ice cream scrolls) and they had vegan options which was so awesome. Anytime I find somewhere like that has vegan options it is the greatest ever. Aaaand shopping. Anyone who can stand shopping with me is a trooper so I give him major props hehe. We saw a teacup puppy that was so cute I wanted to buy him but my parents (and Steven) said no. So sad. But he played photographer for me at the prettiest park I have seen in AZ so that kinda made up for it 😉 Arizona is so great sometimes!! Anyway SO lucky to have such an amazing best friend and so happy that we got to spend his birthday together 🙂

Do you guys like my new haircut by the way? I am in love with it. I think next time I will even get it cut a bit shorter!! Really like having something new but miss my braids that I always did.


Lastly just want to say rest in peace to my angel baby Paige who we had to put down last Sunday. I couldn’t bear to say anything last week because it was too too new, I had to go to work right after and started crying while making drinks and it was super busy. I had a huge line of drinks and was just crying while people stared at me. So sad. We miss her from our family so so much but are happy she is not in pain anymore.

  • Grandma Sarah

    September 26, 2016 at 7:49 pm Reply

    Yup, he should be a model! And so should you! Cute pictures! Cute couple! Or maybe I should say cute best friends!! 😉 Glad you had a fun time! Happy Birthday, Steven! Grandpa and I are still sad about Paige. She was the best and cutiest little dog ever. But you’re right, she’s not in pain anymore. Take care! And always remember that we love you! Love, Grandma & Grandpa

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