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birthday bliss

brooklynne_bday_best brooklynne_bday_do brooklynne_bday_laugh brooklynne_bday_looking brooklynne_bday_numbers brooklynne_bday_over brooklynne_bday_sit brooklynne_bday_smiling brooklynne_bday_sunnies brooklynne_bday_wind brooklynne_bday_wootshirt: New York & Company     //     skirt: Abercrombie & Fitch     //     hat: Phase 3     //     shoes: New York & Company     //     sunglasses: Vera Wang

Not sure how it happened but I am officially an adult! Extra special thanks goes to my sissy for putting so much thought and effort into making sure my day was perfect, I am so lucky to have her! ♡ I spent my day shopping (best day ever, in my opinion 😉 ) and then on Sunday I went to True Food Kitchen with my family. The atmosphere was right up my alley and the food was so yummy, even my picky eaters loved it hehe. And while we were there I found my future home! It was the most beautiful area, Whole Foods right around the corner.. I swear I will live there one day!!! Lots and lots of goals for this upcoming year!!!

You guys might have noticed that I recently have become SUPER obsessed with sunglasses and these ones from Vera Wang are to. Die. For. At the same time, while I appreciate high end brands, I am just as in love with my sunnies from Forever 21 that are under $10!! So it is definitely possible to find really great accessories without spending a fortune 😉 Even better actually, and not just for the sake of your wallet but so you can actually wear them without fear haha.

I recently received my extensions from Barefoot Blonde Hair and I am so excited to share them with you guys, they seriously could not be a more perfect color match and they make my hair sooooo long and dreamy. More on this soon!!!

P.S thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!! Super grateful to have such amazing friends and family, all of your messages and well wishes made my whole day.

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  • Grandma Sarah

    November 26, 2016 at 11:48 pm Reply

    Just looking at your blog again! Still can’t believe you’re 18! Love the pictures! Love the outfit! Looks fun and classy all in one! But that’s how you are! Take care! And can’t wait til Monday to see more! Love, Grandma Sarah

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