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frilly thrills

brooklynne_fluffy_sweater_overview brooklynne_fluffy_sweater_stairs brooklynne_fluffy_sweater_star brooklynne_fluffy_sweater_streetsweater: Banana Republic (similar)    //     turband: Cult Gaia     //      jeans: Hollister (not my favorite)

Hi everyone!! Hope you all had an excellent Thanksgiving. I worked most of the day on mine but I did not mind at all!! At least until the end, hehe. When I got there it was super crazy busy which can be good if you are in the right mood (I was) and then we ended up slowing waaaaay down (which I was also a-okay with). At 4, an hour and a half before we closed, we cleared the lobby and then started picking up in the drive thru. For some reason after awhile I was getting soooo annoyed at all the people coming thinking to myself that they had all had their holiday and got to spend time with their family and the reason we are here is because of them (liiiiiiittle dramatic haha). And then when we finally closed, we had to put chairs to block the entrance to get into the drive thru, and a girl got out of her car and MOVED THEM!! Aren’t people insane? I was not happy!!

My birthday was last Saturday but I have been celebrating since then! On Wednesday I went to lunch with one of my really good friends, and dinner on Saturday with my coworkers/loves. And then yesterday my family made healthy cupcakes and sang to me. Such a lucky girl 🙂

Have a lovely week everyone!! And make sure you take advantage of all the cyber Monday deals, I know I will be! ♡♡♡


  • Grandma Sarah

    November 29, 2016 at 2:46 am Reply

    I love that sweater! It looks so soft and cuddly! Glad you had a fun birthday week! We’re still celebrating Grandpa Randy’s birthday! It must run in the family to celebrate like that! Lol!

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