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the (cutest) coffee shop

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shirt: BP .     //     jeans: Abercrombie (similar)     //     sunglasses: A.J Morgan     //     hat: Phase 3 (similar)     //     shoes: Steve Madden

Happy Monday everyone!!! I cannot believe that it’s December!! I am savoring every minute of my favorite time of year and it is already going by waaay too fast. This Saturday I went to The Coffee Shop with one of my best friends and it was such a perfect day!! I swear every place I go to in Gilbert is super cute and trendy, aka Brooke heaven. There are tons of trees and pretty scenery all over which you do not find many places here in az and something I die over. People that live anywhere else are probably thinking I’m crazy, dying over trees. But once you live in the desert, anything alive and green is the most beautiful sight ever, and I think all of my fellow Arizonans would agree with me on that 😉 Anyways I really wish that I was able to get more pictures of the actual place because it was the cutest coffee shop I have ever seen!! It was really busy though, tons of families were there so I didn’t want to be too crazy with my photo taking and make anyone upset. I ordered a matcha latte made with almond milk which was so yummy and they even had some vegan food options (score!!!). Keandre and I both tried the vacation bagel which had dairy-free cream cheese, toasted almonds and agave and it was so amazing, I have been craving it ever since. I am going to attempt to recreate it at home and I will share pictures on my instagram, so if you don’t follow me already you totally should! It will also share to my facebook page if you don’t have instagram!! While we were there I picked up a charcoal lemonade from Juice Served Here which I was really excited to find because my favorite girl on instagram @shutthekaleup always drinks these bad boys and this was my first time seeing them in person. She is right, they are supa lit and kind of pricey but health you guys!! I posted a picture on instagram (which you can see at the bottom of this page!) and said that all I want for Christmas is a fridge full of these juices, and I wasn’t even joking. So good.

We were wandering around and came across Barnone right next door which just opened and was so cool to visit. It is a trendy little place with tons of cute little shops and everything is handmade. They even had a plant-based restaurant called the uprooted kitchen which I was dying to try but by the time we were finished wandering and ready to eat they were closed 🙁 I will definitely be back to try it though and of course will update you all with how it was!!

Went shopping at Nordstrom (what’s new) before meeting my friend and FELL IN LOVE with these babies from Steve Madden. He and I must have a special connection because we are always thinking the same thing shoe-wise 😉 . Got lots of compliments on them from trendy Gilbert people so I wasn’t the only one who thought the same thing! And this hat that I got recently goes with ev-ry-thing. I’ve been starting to pay more attention to accessories lately, they really personalize the outfit and take it to a whoooole new level.

I hope you all have a lovely week and I will see you here next Monday!! ♡ ♡

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