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dropped the ball + exciting news

Real talk: I dropped the ball this week. I had something put together and ready for this post on Friday, went out to take pictures Saturday but had such a busy day (more on this later) that it was too late by the time I was done. Soooo it was pushed to Sunday.. aka as last minute as you can get 😣. When I got home to look at the pictures after photographing I was so bummed. The whole outfit did not look how I thought it did: the pants didn’t fit right and the outfit as a whole was not good enough to make me feel proud of putting it on my blog. I felt like posting it would be taking a huge step back from all the progress I’ve made so after my mini internal meltdown (😂), I put on this comfy outfit using all pieces I’ve used in the past and did my best. Just goes to show that things will not always go your way or as planned but you can still work with it, or at least try! Even though the new outfit wasn’t ideal, I ended up being much happier with it.

On a happier note, like THE HAPPIEST note.. I am a new mama!!! I adopted a little Pomeranian angel baby today and I am sooooo in love. She is the most precious little thing I have ever seen and I cannot wait to get her home!! It will be a little over a month until she’s ready because she is only 3 weeks old and still so teeny tiny. I am sad to have to wait but will be counting down the days and looking at all her sweet pictures until she gets here! I only have a couple of pictures to show for now and they are only phone pictures but you will be seeing tons more of her really soon!

On Saturday I stopped by the Provision Coffee Bar with my mom and got the prettiest/fanciest drink ever, which made my barista heart sing. It was a sparkling white tea with pieces of blackberry, lavender and rose petals (I am obsessed with flowers, heaven.) in it and it was amazing. My mom ordered a cold brew but it was the strangest cold brew I’ve seen because it wasn’t dark at all like normal coffee but a similar color to green tea. When the barista brought it to us (1st class service right there) I didn’t know what she had ordered but expected tea based on the appearance and was quite surprised when I tasted it that it was indeed cold brew, hehe. And it had the most gigantic, crystal clear ice sphere in it which was just the coolest thing.

I hope you all forgive me for my lack of preparedness this week and at least enjoyed the pictures of my precious baby (how could you not, she is the cutest!!) and my fancy tea. Next week I will be back with a super cute outfit, photographed in advance and make you all proud 😉.

*Check out my previous posts here and here to find the links to these pieces and the other ways that I wore them.


  • Dayna

    January 31, 2017 at 8:45 am Reply

    You’re going to be a great puppy mama!

    • Kaylee

      February 13, 2017 at 4:16 pm Reply

      I agree!! I’ll be the fun aunt😉

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