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off to hawaii

shirt: HM (on sale!)     //     skirt: Zara     //     shoes: Zara

..nope still in AZ, despite my wishful thinking! My sister said that this outfit makes me look like I belong in Hawaii (guessing it’s the skirt, which is my new fav). Unfortunately, the only way I will be on any beautiful island anytime soon is in my dreams (*tear*).

I hope you are all having a lovely day so far! I slept in this morning and it was the best. My dogs always wake me up way too early so it’s been awhile! I can fall back asleep but they only allow it for so long before they are both barking at my door to come play on my bed, hehe. I do like getting an early start most days but sometimes it is nice to catch some extra z’s! So far that is the highlight of my day, and it is going to be a busy one! Monday is my school day and I have a few tests coming up and need to meet with my counselor. I am putting extra focus on school lately so I know this post will probably be going up a little late 😣. Hopefully you don’t mind!

Saturday me and some of my friends had the day off together, which doesn’t happen too often, so we took full advantage! First we visited a little coffee shop in Gilbert, before eating at Joe’s Farm Grill. I ordered a super yummy salad with all local and seasonal veggies (looove that they do that!). But it made me really painfully bloated after! Does that happen to anyone else? You eat something super healthy and then get more bloated than if you ate something fried or really unhealthy? Could just be me, but at least the salad tasted good! I am thinking I must have some sort of food allergy. Will keep you all updated!

After that, we went to Top Golf! If you’ve never heard of it or have one in your area, it is a 3 level golf arena (?) where you shoot (?) golf balls and try to make it in the giant holes. The further your ball goes, the more points you get! I am no golfer (as you can probably guess with my expanse knowledge of golf terms) but it is tons of fun! You can also order food but nothing (at least dessert-wise) was vegan sooo..

We headed to the best place ever AKA Whole Foods! And picked up some goods 😎. I got 2 cupcakes (because one wasn’t enough!) and ginger drops. Kind of off topic but I am obsessed with snacking on ginger candies and these were the best I’ve ever had. Although they have a lot more added sugar than I like to have in something I snack on regularly, they make a really good not-too-unhealthy treat!

We took some photos of my outfit in Gilbert but I ended up not liking my hair in them so the next morning we did redo. Which happens all the time on my blog! I am such a perfectionist with anything that has to do with my blog so if I don’t like one thing I will change it. Only the best for you guys!!

Wishing you the loveliest week, I will see you all next Monday! ♡♡♡

P.S. I hope you guys like my hair, hehe.

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