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take two

dress: Kimchi Blue (on sale!)     //     shoes: Adidas (best shoes ever)     //     hat: American Needle

Another great travel down! Highlights of the trip include: eating the best guacamole ever (and craving it for days after), vegan donuts, an amazing latte, drizzly rain + cloudy skies. Can you tell I like food? I am always in heaven going to other big cities because they always have such good vegan options! Arizona, please get with it. Or I may be finding myself in SoCal in the future 😉 . ALSO: drizzly rain?!?! Did you get that? Here in Arizona its already 110, and San Diego was 60 degrees, overcast and raining. Swoon.

Another highlight of the trip was going to a place I have been dying to get to: Pressed Juicery! I see them allll over social media and am always swooning, but they’re not in Arizona. They weren’t in San Diego either so there was a bit of a drive. But it was sooo worth it! If you ever get the chance to try this place I super recommend the citrus 2, it is delightful. Probably will try to recreate it, so I will update you guys on how that goes.

Last week the email for my post didn’t go out! I’m sorry if any of you were confused or thought I didn’t post, because I definitely did! I had accidentally posted it a few weeks back unfinished, then archived it and couldn’t figure out how to send a new email. If you missed it altogether, it was my citrus mint cold brew + cherry orange italian soda, and it is amazing. Go check the post out if you haven’t already!

My summer classes started last week! Loving them so far, surprisingly. I was planning on taking a science class, but last minute decided to change it. And so I’m taking two business classes, that are so much more interesting! Later when I actually have to take a science I will be mad at myself for not doing it now, haha. But until then, having so much more fun.

Our exciting project is nearly ready to see the light of day! Really could not be more excited to share!! There is a fun trip planned along with it, so the summer of travel continues.

Have a lovely week everyone! I will see you next Monday ♡



  • Latisha Marcum

    June 12, 2017 at 11:58 pm Reply

    So glad to hear you enjoyed your trip to San Diego! I’m heading there tomorrow (definitely should be getting to bed so I’m able to leave for the airport in time but you know, #priorities 😉)
    This outfit is absolutely STUN.NING! Ugh, I love the feminine vibes played down with the sneakers & baseball cap! I’ll definitely be recreating a similar look soon! Keep it up love!

    • Brooke Paige

      June 13, 2017 at 10:24 am Reply

      thank you so much, so sweet of you! hope you have so much fun on your trip, can’t wait to see pictures!! xoxo

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