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summer blooms

jumpsuit: DKNY (similar)     //     shoes: Zara     //     headband:     //     sunnies: BP.

Summer is in full swing here in AZ, breaking all sorts of heat records and such. Which I’m not going to lie, is kind of my worst nightmare!! You guys know how much I love being outside but every time I step out I feel like I need an hour nap after. Does anyone else get this crazy heat exhaustion?? After shooting these photos I came home to edit which quickly turned into a looong snooze. I had tons of things to get done too so the timing was not ideal. Even though it is crazy unbearable hot, something that I love about this part of the year is the insane storms we have. Rain in the desert is so so magical. I think there is one set for next week so fingers crossed that it stays on the forecast!

I want to thank everyone for the love and support on my launch last week!! I could not have imagined a better response, you all have me feeling like the luckiest girl. Also make sure you stay tuned for a giveaway coming VERY soon.

If you guys haven’t seen my latest instagram, I highly recommend you go take a peek, it is a cute one! I had some pretty adorable models the other day 😉 When I was playing photographer, I very unfortunately chose to stand riiiiiight on top of an ant hill. I noticed pretty quickly, but not before I got bit about a dozen times. Which quickly turned my ankles into cankles. It was pretty hysterical but not very fun for me. (Don’t worry the babies didn’t get bit at all, which is all that matters!!). Big thanks again to the wonderful parents for lending me their superstar models.

What do you guys think about a hair change? About every 6 months I get the itch for a new do, and then go 6 more months without touching it hehe. I do want to keep it growing (I miss doing my two cute braids!!) but think I want to go more bright and golden. When I got it done in January (told you I go awhile 😉 ) I basically wanted it as white as I could get and went super short. My inspiration being Cara Loren, like 3 years ago. Buuuut I found that it didn’t really suit me and even though my hair has gone back to its natural golden undertones, I want to amp it up a bit. Basically this whole spiel to tell you guys that we’re in for the new. Very exciting.

The other day I had some things going on so I sent my mom and sister to shop for me, and they picked out this jumpsuit! How do you think they did? I love jumpsuits and how easy they are so I think they did pretty good.

Thank you all so much for reading, I love you dearly and am wishing you a wonderful and productive Monday! Aaaand rest of your week.

P.S blogging anniversary coming soon!! woot woot.



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  • Dayna

    July 30, 2017 at 5:33 pm Reply

    Love every piece of this look!

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