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fresh faced

dress: T. Madison     //     shoes: Zara (similar)     //     scrunchie: Urban Outfitters 

Hello darlings! How is everyone on this lovely Monday? I am pretttttty thrilled because it is supposed to be under 100 degrees today!! Groundbreaking, I know. For the past few weeks it has been off-and-on overcast, windy, but no rain. Same deal on Saturday evening, when I decided to take the puppies out for their nightly walk. As soon as I got far enough from my house, it started down pouring rain. Now this might sound like a bad thing (mind you it was after a full day of shopping indoors and weeks of overcast no rain) but I secretly loved it a little bit and felt like it was just for me. Because after wildly chasing my dogs, carrying a soaking wet Dolly all the way home, the torrential rain completely stopped and the sidewalks dried within minutes. See? Rain storm just for me. Told ya’ll I was special 😉 .

Are you guys wondering what I spent my whole day Saturday shopping for?? I’ll let you in on it, but just because we’re besties. I have a BIG shoot planned for the blog anniversary, which we will all be celebrating together next week! Surprise! As you can tell I’m not taking the award home for best surprise keeper since I actually told you guys about this last week. And it technically was for this week: as of yesterday I’ve had my domain for a whole year! But since I didn’t start posting until the week after, I made the executive decision to celebrate then. Are you good with that? Hehe, more coming soon.

I am finishing up the summer semester pretty soon so I am hoping to squeeze in another quick trip before fall. Anyone been to Horseshoe Bend? Of course you have, I think I’m the only one who hasn’t! But I think you’d like to see it again, amiright? A well deserved break from all this school and work business, I would say. It’s a date!!

Guys today’s post is a little short, but I promise its not because I don’t love you. I just haven’t been doing anything particularly fun unless you call working and studying a good time (which I do, but most people would say I’m crazy). With that, I send you off to begin your week!! I hope it is the best yet ♡

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