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forest explorin’

shirt: Cooperative     //     skirt: BDG         //     scarf:

Hello my loves! Hope you had a great weekend! ♡ Do you want the good news first or the bad?

Our Skye print is officially sold out! The good news is that we are on backorder but they should be restocked in about 2 weeks. And, a thank you for my first sellout, I am offering a coupon code that works on the rest of my prints. Use code BYESKYE for 25% off at checkout!

I have to laugh at myself because I actually had no idea what femme meant when I bought this shirt at Urban. All I saw were cute stripes that reminded me of Gucci and was sold. Not that the real meaning is bad (I encourage & support everyone for being themselves), it was just a surprise to learn the actual meaning when I believed it to be something else. Note to self: make sure you know what the word printed on your shirt means before you buy it! Could end badly next time, hehe. 

Anyways! Today I am just overflowing with happiness because I ended my summer semester with all A’s! If you can recall back to last semester, I struggled majorly in my calculus class. So much so that I was constantly obsessing over my grade and actually neglecting my others. Come summer, I last minute decided to drop my cringey science class and focus on my two business classes instead. I barely even checked my grades the entire semester, so when I saw the finalized transcripts I was over the moon. Here’s to hoping the fall semester runs just as smoothly!

I am all about road tripping lately and last weekend I went on the most magical drive EVER (in Arizona, at least). I used to live in Oregon and parts of this drive reminded me so much of that beautiful green state (that I miss dearly, and need to visit soon!). No cactuses in sight, just big ol’ trees. The best part? The temperature in Heber was a heavenly 65 degrees. I think it’s so funny that everyone all over the world chases the sun, and people from Arizona chase the cold.

Or cool I should say, because the weekend before I was in Flagstaff which was a little too cold for me. I did love the rain though, and am dying for some more. Preferably closer to home, so I don’t completely freeze. Please Arizona?!?!

I have some very exciting news to share: I have been super on top of my workout game as of late which means a fitness post is on the horizon! I’ve been going to the gym 3 set days a week,  doing different classes and feeling so amazing. Having set “gym days” makes integrating workouts so much easier than just waking up and seeing if I feel up to going. Also, planning out your day the night before is a major game changer! 

Every night before bed I list out my goals & objectives for the next day. This little ritual completely optimizes my day and I get SO much more done. I highly recommend investing in a good planner if you are a little busy bee like me and want to stay super organized. 

Heads up for all of you lovelies trying to get onto my email list! I am having a little issue with configuration which I am working to get resolved. You can still enter your email into the subscription form and when the problem gets fixed you will be added. The issue should be resolved this week, so for next week you guys will be all set up! Sorry to make you wait, but definitely worth it. Promise!

This week I am working on an extra post for Friday (did you guys see my post all about ginger?), working and working out. I also have a little project in the works which is taking bit of time, but so much fun. What are your guys’ plans? Whatever they are, I hope you guys all have a wonderful week! I will see you very soon! ♡♡



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