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golden hour

top: Madewell   //     shorts: Levis  

Hello my loves!! How was your weekend? I don’t even know where the time went, I barely blinked and now it’s Monday! Which is kind of how my whole summer went by, but as you can tell I am a little excited for fall. So no complaints from me!

This day was so hot (okay, it was yesterday to be real with you. Super busy/procrastination week, oops) and I had to wait to be able to take these photos so that I could actually wear this jacket, hehe. I also bought 2 pairs of jeans this week, but that would’ve been overkill. Though you will be seeing them (hopefully soon!) in upcoming posts. 

Also, did you guys know that Madewell has a student discount? I was shopping at Scottsdale mall the other day just to go to this particular store, then when I got to the register they asked if I have a student ID and gave 15% off. Mind. Blown. If I ever created my own store, I’m fairly certain that it would be pretty identical to Madewell. The place just speaks my language!

You guys might’ve noticed my absence from my socials this week, and that is because it has been a stressful one. I like to keep my normal schedule pretty busy, but whenever I add some extra stressors it can seem a bit overwhelming! This time it has just been work being extra crazy, getting my school schedule figured out and making sure I get to the gym 3 days a week; which is new for me. But lots of fun and I have been noticing a positive difference, especially in the quality of my sleep! 

Also, since I have a record of non-committment, I created a little reward for myself! If I continue to go to the gym at least 3 days a week for an entire month, I am buying the headphones I want (!!!). Which are so cute, supposed to be super high quality and a little outrageously priced in my opinion. But health is wealth, and it has been a really good motivator for me, which is the only way I can possibly justify it! Plus after I get them, I will want to use them, and continue to go. Does that make it a reasonable purchase? I’m not sure but I will keep updating you guys every week regardless (mostly for myself so I can stay accountable, hehe). So far so good!

What are your guys’ goals for the week? I like to write them down in my planner each week to make sure I stay on track. Besides keeping my exercise regimen, I am trying to get an extra post out this week! I was trying for last, but it was a fail. Definitely okay, we will try again!

Have a great week all, I hope you achieve all of your goals! I will see you all back on Friday, (hopefully) with an extra post! 😉


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  • Dayna

    August 14, 2017 at 10:42 am Reply

    My goal for the week is to reduce my stress. My plan to achieve this is to also work out 3 days, and (probably more important) to take lunch breaks and leave work on time every day! Now my weekly goal is also written down and more achievable.

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