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wishfall thinking

sweater: Calvin Klein (similar)     //     shoes: Steve Madden

Hi everyone! Me again. Trying to pretend that it’s fall, when it’s quite apparent that it isn’t. Not even close. School beginning fills me full of colored leaf illusions, warm drinks, and more specifically; temps below *ahem* 100 degrees. Clearly my fuzzy sweater did nothing for channeling some fall time weather considering a high of 107 for the day. Which I guess I can’t be mad about, as it is still August. Can you blame me though? Summer in Arizona is quite the ordeal. Think of sweating profusely every time you step outside, or the delightful hair-dyer-on-high “breeze”. Possibly the 3rd degree burns you receive whenever you get in the car? And apparently Arizona is only the 10th hottest state. 

I remember the very first time I visited this vast desert, right before it became my permanent home. Mid-July, out of road trip boredom, I rolled down my window and was met with a phenomenon I had never even imagined. Driving at a staunch 70 miles per hour down the freeway, I felt HOT air on my palm. This native Utah girl, even on the hottest day of summer, had never experienced such a thing. We probably should have taken the warning and turned right back around. 

Buuuut we didn’t. And in the middle of winter, when the rest of the world is frozen over, I will be glad that we didn’t. Until then, I think I will put my sweaters away. Far, far away.

The only time that the outside feels nice is right after I get out of hot yoga in the morning! Have you guys ever done hot yoga? It is probably the hardest workout of my week, and my absolute favorite. I’ve only tried out two classes, but I’m certain that iron sculpt is the best of the best and I doubt I’ll try anything different! The class combines yoga + toning exercises using low pound weights. The kicker is the room, which is so hot that it feels like a sauna. 

For my first time we tried an easy class, and I still wasn’t sure I would be able to make it through. But I did, and the feeling afterward is what keeps me going back! I tell everyone that you get so sweaty that when you look down at your legs it’s like you just got out of a swimming pool. Not the nicest thing to think about, but once you get out it really is the best feeling. You feel so refreshed and detoxed in a way that I haven’t seen from any other workout. Super recommend you all try it, at least once!

After we got out of yoga, me and my cute bestie Alyssa tried out a little French cafe nearby that was so yummy. It was actually the fourth place we tried to go to, but for some reason the maps were doing us dirty and taking us to all sorts of random places! In the end, we were glad because the food at this particular cafe was so good, and we were starving after our workout! If you guys are in the Scottsdale area, highly recommend trying out Merci! 

They don’t have any vegan pastries through, so we trekked all the way into Tempe to get nami. Even if you’re not vegan, this place is one of the best for desserts! So glad I have such a good friend to follow me all over with these crazy plans of mine.

Let me know how your weekend was, or if you have any plans for this upcoming! I wish you all a wonderful week, I will see you back on Monday! ♡


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  • Grandma Sarah

    August 22, 2017 at 11:38 am Reply

    Love your post! You’re so descriptive in telling it like it is! You’re awesome! Grandpa and I are still LOL! Never tried ‘hot yoga’, but I’m still doing yoga every other day! And I love it! Thanks to you! You’re a good example to all ages! We love reading your blog every week! Take care! Love, Grandma Sarah & Grandpa Randy
    P.S. The pics are cute too!

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