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tickled pink

overalls: free people (similar)     //     top: Zander Grey (similar)     //     shoes: Steve Madden

Happy September Labor Day everyone! This is one of my favorite months of the year because it means that summer is finally coming to an end! Really random but September, November, December and May are all of the best months in my opinion. November because it is mine (and grandpa’s!!) birthday month. December because of Christmas (countdown is on!!!!) and May because it is when school gets out, hehe. 

Okay, who else noticed how similar these overalls are to the dress I wore in this post? I did not even think about it until they arrived and I noticed they are pretty much the same. I am super drawn to coral, and in overalls that were on sale? Obviously I couldn’t resist. Make sure you guys take advantage of all the great deals for Labor Day! Definitely found some gems for a steal on Free People, but have some more sales I will be checking out!

To tell you guys the truth, I have been in a little bit of a blogging rut for about a month. My first I’ve ever had! Everyone who knows me knows that my blog is my baby, and I pour a ton of love and care into it to produce the best quality content possible. But over the summer, I got a bit too ambitious with all my projects and started feeling a bit burnt out. Luckily, this week I feel back to normal and am oh so thrilled to be (fully) back. 

And of course, the projects don’t stop. I always have to have something extra going on that I can work on in my free time from school and work. Total nerd, but I love to occupy all of my time in the most productive ways possible!

But when I do have some extra extra time, I love baking and have been testing out lots of recipes. One of my favorite food blogs that I just recently discovered is Big Man’s World, all dairy free and vegan recipes, most very simple and they all taste amazing. If you try any recipe, it needs to be the peanut butter Kit Kat bars but make sure you have someone to share with because you will eat all of them yourself!! SO so good. I think it’s time for a food post!!

I hope you all enjoy your long weekend! I will be back next week with a (healthy vegan DELICIOUS) recipe for you all. ♡♡♡

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