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sippin’ green

Hi everyone! Late again, because on shooting day (yesterday) there was a work emergency and I had to go in. After closing the store and going to bed around midnight, I woke up at 4:40 (yes, am!!) to go to a morning workout. 

Surprisingly I felt super energetic after (even though I promised myself I would go back to sleep after the workout) and made muffins for breakfast, went to the store and Starbucks; all before 8:30! Then I made this smoothie, photographed it aaaaand… crashed. For 2 hours!!

I am not a napper at all but I definitely needed it. I don’t know how anyone runs off of any less than 6 hours, I just cannot do it! I kept trying and trying to wake up the whole time. Probably not the most restful nap but I am always worried about oversleeping and wasting the day. Anyone else feel that way?

So today, as promised, I am sharing a healthy recipe! As you guys know I’ve been working out a lot more which naturally motivates me to make better food choices and I have been loving smoothies extra because of this! 

I prefer following recipes for green smoothies, because whenever I freehand (aka throw anything into the blender) it never turns out well and goes to waste. This recipe from Simple Green Smoothies has been one of my favorites! 

I either add frozen banana (or frozen mango would be delish) to make it cold, or put it through a strainer to make it more like juice. Either way it is a delicious way of making sure you get your greens in. So good for your digestion and skin, so if you need a boost give this a try!

I hope you all have a lovely week, let me know if you try this smoothie out! ♡♡♡

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