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brooke ♡ levi’s

shirt: Levi's     //     skirt: H&M     //     shoes: Converse     //     crossbody: H&M Hi everyone! How was your week? Mine felt super long but I had the whole weekend off...


sedona day trip

shorts: Levi's     //     shirt: Kimchi     //     shoes: Catherine Maladrino (similar) Hello my lovelies!! I hope you all had a beautiful weekend. Arizona decided that it's going to be summer now (much...



dress: zara (similar)     //     shoes: Steve Madden Hello my darlings! Happy 2/27. This date last year was my anniversary, and if you couldn't already guess, I'm not exactly celebrating this year. For the same reasons, that is! Looking back, this...


plant your own garden

jumpsuit: free people (similar)     //     shoes: TOMS     //     bag: kate spade (similar) Hi guys!! February is upon us. Which is crazy. I feel like I was just writing about it being December yesterday, time is flying!! February...


dropped the ball + exciting news

Real talk: I dropped the ball this week. I had something put together and ready for this post on Friday, went out to take pictures Saturday but had such a busy day (more on this later) that it was too late by the time I was done....



joggers: H&M     //     shirt: Shop Sincerely Jules     //     bag: kate spade (similar)     //     shoes: Converse     //     bandana: Madewell Happy Monday everyone!! I am super excited about...


inspired by kj + chopped hair

shirt: Velvet Torch (similar)     //     pants: free press (similar)     //     shoes: Catherine Maladrino (similar)     //     bandana: Madewell     //     sunglasses: maurices Surprise!! I chopped...


lashed out

shirt: Shop Sincerely Jules     //     pants: Treasure&Bond     //     shoes: J.Crew (similar)     //     sunglasses: Prada Hello everyone!! Happy New Year. I'm so happy to be back to my regular posts,...