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healthy breakfast

brooklynne acai 2

smoothie: frozen mango + acai juice // toppings: strawberries, bananas, blackberries, chia & frozen pomegranate seeds


mikes killer bread + avocado + cherry tomato + chia seed + Himalayan sea salt

smoothie: blueberries + frozen mango + baby spinach + orange juice + 1 lemon + banana

bottom layer: frozen mango + orange juice // top layer: 1 banana + spirulina powder + water


Breakfast!! It took me forever to realize that it really is the most important meal of the day and the key to starting your day off healthy! I used to skip it all the time because I had no time in the morning and I didn’t think I liked ANY breakfast food. Buuut I was wrong. I recently discovered the yummiest, easiest way to incorporate more healthy greens and fruits into my diet… smoothies!!! I know that smoothies are not revolutionary and I have loved them for a long time but never ate them consistently for breakfast until lately and it really does make all the difference. I typically start each morning with warm lemon water and a huge smoothie. I always have tons of clean energy before workouts but I don’t feel too heavy or weighed down like I would if I had a not-so-healthy breakfast (which I always end up regretting if I do). As you can see I like to change up the fruits and veggies I use to make sure I get all different vitamins and nutrients everyday. Plus I just love trying new combinations out and finding ones I love, they usually (95% of the time) turn out so yummy! When you start off eating nutritious food it sets a trend for the rest of the day and it is tons easier to stick to healthy eating.

As you can see I am a pretty big fan of smoothies but when I feel like changing it up I love to have avocado toast. I just need to talk about Dave’s Killer Bread for a minute because not only is it way healthier than most sliced bread,  it is seriously the best bread ever. Seriously try it, it will change your life. I always add some pink Himalayan sea salt and chia on top for extra nutrition. I am planning on writing a post all about superfoods soon where I will go more in depth about the benefits of these two beauties!

Let me know if you want to see more food/vegan/recipe posts, I know smoothies and breakfast are more basic and don’t really require a recipe but I have tons of other types of foods I would love to share! Like yesterday I went to Pomegranate for lunch and it was $16 just for me and I only got one thing. So good but so overpriced.. I definitely think I could make it at home so I will be experimenting on that and maaaaybe you will see a post with a recipe for it soon! 😉

Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend I will see you all here Monday!

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  • Grandma Sarah

    September 10, 2016 at 3:16 am Reply

    Wow! It all looks good! I’m going to try the avocado toast. I used to eat tomato sandwiches when I was a kid, but I never put avocado on them! Sounds yummy! I love fresh fruit too! Thanks for sharing your recipes and ideas! Take care! Love, Grandma Sarah

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