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boxed mix healthy baking hack

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Hello everyone!! Sorry I am a little bit late today. Worth the wait though because I am sharing how I make my boxed mixes vegan and a lot healthier. I have found numerous mixes that have been completely dairy and egg free, but make sure you double check your box’s ingredients for any non-vegan ingredients. Today I am making pumpkin spice cookies from a box. Healthified/veganized.

First substitution is for butter!!! I sub the full amount for coconut oil, a much healthier fat that is super good for your hair and nails (bonus!!).

There are tons of substitutions that I have found to replace eggs and after trying tons, I have come out with 2 favorites: 1 Tbs. flax + 3 Tbs. water    or    1/2 cup applesauce + 1/2 tsp. baking powder (this is the one I used in the recipe).

There was no milk needed on the recipe for these cookies but if you need some it is an easy switch with equal amount almond milk (or any milk that is non-dairy).

These cookies were so good!!! Although they are far from healthy, these simple substitutions make a huge difference. Can’t imagine they tasted any different from the dairy/egg version, and if so these were probably better 😉

Anyways more on why I am late today!! I had this post ready, just needed to make a couple of changes buuuut after work I thought I would make a quick stop to get my screen fixed. Yes on my new 7 🙁 I dropped it when I was hiking and cracked the screen, which was my first time ever. Then I proceeded to drop it 3 more times and it was so cracked, it was devastating. So I took it in to the apple store thinking it would be quick but it actually took over 3 hours!! Insane. So glad I got it fixed though and now I have a case so I (hopefully) won’t break it.



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