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shirt: Madewell     //     pants: Articles of Society     //     shoes: Ralph Lauren (similar)     //     sunglasses: A.J. Morgan     //     bandana: Madewell

Hi everyone, haaaaappy Monday! Today I am sharing something a bit different from my usual style but I absolutely love how it all came together. And GUYS. How pretty is this background?? There is actually a really funny/kind of scary story behind it. So my sister and I went out to take pictures with a specific place in mind but we found this cute area on our way there in front of a Walmart, a little less in the middle of nowhere than our original choice so we decided to stop here instead. After we had been there for QUITE awhile, taking photos and exploring, we found a homeless camp in the middle of these trees! We were literally right next to it the whole time and did not see it so we were kind of freaked out. Someone could have been there watching us the entire time and we wouldn’t have even known. Luckily no one was there, and a lot of the stuff looked buried like no one had been there for awhile but we left right after that. I guess that’s what we happens when Brooke tries to be adventurous 😉

As you guys probably already know, Madewell is one of my favorite brands ever so I wanted to share with you that their whole store is 25% off right now!! I got this sweater before the sale at Nordstrom (darn) but I went to their store in Scottsdale over the weekend which is where I picked up the bandana I’m wearing and a super cute skirt which I realized is actually identical to the one I wore in my birthday post, eeek. I am naturally drawn to the same patterns and style but I try to go out of my comfort zone and pair things together that I normally wouldn’t wear and I usually end up loving it a lot, like today!

I am starting school next month and I am really excited!! I’m not sure why people always say that taking time off of school is a bad idea, this semester has been so good to me and I am so ready to get back to it! It’s my goal to graduate in 2 years so I am testing out of as many classes as I can, taking summer school, basically anything I can do to knock it all out as soon as possible. Some people might think it’s crazy and that I should slow down and enjoy it but that is not really my style hehe. Wish me luck!! 😉

I got most of my Christmas shopping done this weekend and I am sooo excited to see everyone open their gifts!! Although I really feel like the holidays went by way too fast and I’m not ready for it to all be over yet 🙁 I’ve been baking lots of cookies, shopping, and of course spending time with my loved ones. I feel extra lucky this year and I have a feeling that 2017 is going to be my best year yet 🙂

Yay for bonus posts!! I am sharing my superfood hot chocolate recipe on Friday and I am so excited, I know you guys are going to love it. See you all then! ♡


ps. if you are on desktop you will be able to see that my whole website is snowing!!

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