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lashed out

shirt: Shop Sincerely Jules     //     pants: Treasure&Bond     //     shoes: J.Crew (similar)     //     sunglasses: Prada

Hello everyone!! Happy New Year. I’m so happy to be back to my regular posts, it feels like it’s been forever and I missed it!! My new years eve was pretty lowkey, I shopped/made returns, talked to my grandma (it was her birthday!!) and went to bed way before midnight because I had work bright and early! I am not used to working that early since I always work nights and it was pretty slow all morning but picked up big time in the afternoon. One lady ordered 4 drinks when we were so busy and I swear was not even waiting long at all but she stared me down the whole time until they were out, which is probably my biggest pet peeve of the job. People’s blatant rudeness towards other people will never fail to surprise me.

You can’t tell from the pictures but it was actually FREEZING outside. My sister was in a long sleeve and had a jacket and she was still cold while I was only wearing a t-shirt. I am definitely not complaining though, because before I know it it’s going to be 110 again 😳. How cute is this shirt though? I am obsessed with the print, and the girl who made it: Sincerely Jules!! Her instagram is my favorite of all time and her clothes are the cutest. Actual life goals!! You can see me wearing another one of her dresses in one of my previous posts, blushing.

So it has officially been a year since I became vegan!! Last year after the holidays and eating tons of unhealthy food I felt terrible and decided to try cutting out dairy and meat for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks I attempted to eat a cheese enchilada and it made me feel really sick and gross so I decided to stick to what worked for me and become vegan. For me it is much easier to avoid bad food because most of it I just can’t have, whereas before it would be all willpower to deny it which was much more difficult. Not to mention it is just a more mindful and humane way of living. I absolutely love it and will never go back!!

What are all your new year’s resolutions? This year I am focusing on school, improving and growing my blog, and staying more organized. Good luck to all of us, hehe. Have a great week I will see you all next week!

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