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joggers: H&M     //     shirt: Shop Sincerely Jules     //     bag: kate spade (similar)     //     shoes: Converse     //     bandana: Madewell

Happy Monday everyone!! I am super excited about today’s post and all the pictures because I (finally) got professional editing software and the quality of my images just improved 10000x. I am thrilled. Makes me want to go back through all my posts and re-edit all of it 😩. At the same time though I love seeing the progress and growth I’ve had since I started, and it is actually kind of crazy how far we’ve come in just six short months. SO excited for what’s to come!!

This day it was pretty cold and super windy outside (as you can probably tell), but I braved the extreme temperatures to seek out a new coffee spot.. just to find out it was closed as soon as we got there! So instead we headed over to my tried and true, absolute fav: the coffee shop. I can’t get enough of that place, it is the cutest and they have vegan cupcakes which is amazing and they taste even more amazing. Every corner of that whole area is Instagram worthy so before I got my drink (and a cupcake 😉) I was, in typical Brooke fashion, snapping photos outside. Then on my way back out I saw the 2 cutest boys getting their pictures taken in almost the exact spot I was at before, so of course I had to ask if I could be in one. They probably thought I was crazy, and that’s not something I would normally do but they were so nice and it was totally worth it because how cute is the picture?! It was perfect too because all of our outfits kind of matched, hehe. Thank you guys (and your sweet mom!) again if you are reading this!

I am back to school as of last week and I already love it, the class sizes are pretty small and everyone I’ve met so far has been super friendly. In my first class on the first day we all had to go to the front of the room and introduce ourselves and that was nottttt the best time because I am really bad at talking in front of big groups of people and was a trainwreck (😂) but other than that it has been great. I am beyond happy to get back into it after taking the last semester off and I feel even more motivated and inspired ☺️.

Speaking of being inspired, I am wanting to do a blog remodel ALREADY after looking at a bunch of cute brands for inspiration and falling in love with a more simplistic look. I am going to try to create it all myself this time and I am not super experienced in coding or anything that creating a custom website entails but I love learning so we will see how it goes!! Could be quite a while before it all comes together (who knows?) but fingers crossed that I can make it happen!!

I wish you all the most wonderful week, and I will see you back here next Monday ♡♡♡


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