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dress: zara (similar)     //     shoes: Steve Madden

Hello my darlings! Happy 2/27. This date last year was my anniversary, and if you couldn’t already guess, I’m not exactly celebrating this year. For the same reasons, that is! Looking back, this time last year I didn’t have this blog, I wasn’t yet graduated and I worked at a particularly unpleasant job. I have accomplished so much in my time “alone” and grown considerably as a person from where I was a short 365 days ago. Today, instead of focusing on my grievances, I am counting my blessings, which are much more plentiful. My advice to anyone in the same boat is to focus on you, your goals and love yourself because that is how you teach others to love you.

Aaaanyways. On to the outfit! I know I am late to to the bandwagon but I have been wanting to buy over the knee boots for MONTHS. I found these ones from Steve Madden (you guys know he’s my favorite!) at Nordstrom Rack and couldn’t resist. I love that they are not closed toed and are like sandal boots (?? if that makes any sense) with the little cutouts. Unfortunately I am terrible at walking in anything other than flats but I am willing to endure the struggle for these babies. I may look ridiculous but at least I look cute at the same time, hehe.

I am proclaiming this week to be the week of Darla. I hope you guys aren’t already annoyed with me talking about her so much because next weeks post is going to be all about my new angel. And probably after that too I am just so excited!! Although we are so thrilled to get our baby, we have unexpectedly been missing our girl Paige an extra bit. I showed my mom a picture of her when we were waiting at the doctor and she CRIED. I felt so bad, making my sick mama cry! She really was the best dog though, and we were the luckiest to have her.

I think I am going to start writing more food/health/recipe related posts. What do you guys think? Although I’m no expert I get a ton of questions regarding my diet and it is something I could talk about for days. Let me know!!

I hope you guys all have a great day and a wonderful week! Today I am just trying to stay busy, my math class was cancelled so instead I am going out to lunch and maybe shop around for a bit. And eat some cake, hehe. Watch for a bonus post coming Friday with pictures of our new puppy ahhhhh. Love you all and am so grateful for you!! I will see you very soon!

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