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meet darla + week recap

arizona has the prettiest sunsets ever: all the clouds in the sky were this pretty pink.

had to bring my sissy to try provision

sweetest little face!! this was right after I got her.

I borrowed my sister’s polaroid to take pictures of Darla’s first day ♡

added some more. some of the pictures didn’t turn out which is the bad thing about polaroids but they look so cute when they do!

so little compared to taco! kills me in this sweater.

my mama sent this to me when I was working ♡♡♡

she loves car rides!!

on our way to pick up Darla. distracting myself from Keandre’s crazy driving.

Happy Monday everyone! Sorry I didn’t end up updating on Friday, I have had the craziest week! On Wednesday my bff Keandre and I went to pick up my baby girl and it was my best day ever. She really is just the cutest and tiniest little puppy, the whole day I couldn’t believe she was mine. We took her all over and every place we went people would stop us to say how cute she is!

I want to bring her everywhere with me and I miss her so much when I’m away! On Friday, not even 2 days after I got her I cried at work because I missed her so much and wanted to go home to her so bad. Not just because of that, but it was a big part of it! I was actually covering someone’s shift that day and was late because I wasn’t sure of the time I was supposed to be there. Also I usually work night shifts which are a lot slower than the mornings but it was extra extra busy this day, and I was verrrrry tired because I had actually closed the night before. Picture sleep deprived Brooke, working an extra busy morning, schoolwork to do and a new puppy at home. Then, the person that I was covering for came in to get drinks 😳. Turns out they weren’t ill but just wanted a day off! I was so upset that I cried. And then the district manager came in during the macchiato BOGO madness while we were out of almond milk and caramel drizzle. Thankfully I left pretty early into that, I can’t imagine myself being any more of a mess but that surely would have been the case. Not my best day but it got a lot better once I got home to my little Darla girl!!

This first day we got her she was very calm and a little bit shy, but now she is so sassy and feisty it is the cutest!! She and Taco are best pals, and chase after each other all day long. She drinks a crazy amount of water and wakes up once or twice in the night to go potty on her little mat. She is pretty good about going on it with no accidents as long as you put her there yourself, hopefully she learns to go on it on her own soon! She loves to sit in the cupholder in the car, and being held as long as her buddy Taco isn’t around. I was so excited to get her but my expectations were so far exceeded, I am so obsessed with my little angel!!

I hope you guys liked this lifestyle-y post, and my week recap. Have a lovely week I will see you on Monday! ♡♡♡


  • Patrick

    March 6, 2017 at 12:31 pm Reply

    Soooooo cute.

  • Grandma Sarah

    March 6, 2017 at 3:24 pm Reply

    Love the pictures of Darla! Especially the one of her in her dress with Taco! Glad you are having so much fun with her! She’s a cutie! Take care! Love, Grandma & Grandpa

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