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park day with darla + birthday celebration

bodysuit: Socialite (similar)     //     pants: Trouvé (similar)     //     shoes: Steve Madden (similar)

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? I had Sunday off after a very busy week of working/going to school, so I definitely wanted to make the most of it. My friend Alyssa’s birthday is coming up this Tuesday, so some of our other friends and I had an early celebration for her!

We started the day out by hiking South Mountain. The weather was so perfect (I can’t even tell you) and I am trying so hard to savor it because I know it’s all going to be over too soon with summer coming. Lots of trips though! Anyways, the trail was pretty packed because of how nice it was outside and some little boy thought he would comment on how ridiculous he thought it was that I was taking a picture on my hike. I ignored him the first time so he kept repeating it to the people he was with until I just stared at at them like “yes I heard you the first time” then he was silent and couldn’t even look at me. I find it so crazy that anyone would find taking photos weird in this day and age let alone actually comment on it!

After our hike, we headed home to shower, then back out for lunch! We ate at True Food Kitchen, which is where I went for my birthday if you remember! I meant to go to the same location but I accidentally mapped one in a little shopping area which ended up being perfect. The food there is really amazing and not too high priced so it is one of my favorites. They have a pretty good selection of vegan food, and everything on their menu is labelled with dietary restrictions which you all know I love! Basically you need to go there. And try the matcha horchata because it is bomb. Plus if it’s your birthday they give you a free dessert!

Next, we shopped around a bit and stopped at Press Coffee. It was a cute little coffee shop that had kombucha on tap (if you’re not sure what kombucha is, here is a good article about it!). I swear everyone and their mother is obsessing over finding all the cutest coffee shops and I am one of them, so I was really excited to see this one unexpectedly. I didn’t want to take too many pictures because I was scarred from my hiking experience (jk), but there was a lot of people in there and it was hard to get a picture that actually showed the cute shop. But I’ll show what I have! Also found my dream bed at west elm and cried when I saw the price tag.  I am crazy for cute furniture lately and I might try to make the bed myself. See this determination!!

I missed my puppy all day so when I got home we went to her favorite place, aka the park. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a park, just any place with a lot of grass, she goes crazy for it and it is the cutest thing. She is my sassy best friend and I love her so so much!! Best ending to my day. And then I did homework for the rest of the night, hehe.

I hope you all have the best week I will see you next Monday!

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  • Chani

    March 27, 2017 at 11:22 am Reply

    Matcha horchata!? I want!!

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