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brooke ♡ levi’s

shirt: Levi’s     //     skirt: H&M     //     shoes: Converse     //     crossbody: H&M

Hi everyone! How was your week? Mine felt super long but I had the whole weekend off which felt like heaven. Extra bonus because the weather was amazing (low 70’s!!!!). As if the sky knew how hard I worked this week and deserved some good temps, hehe.

On Saturday my mom and I went shopping and found some really cute things, including this Levi’s shirt which I am crazy for. I love shopping with my mom because I am more of an in and out shopper, whereas she pays a little more attention so she is always finding good things (she picked out this whole outfit). After that, we headed to the coffee shop where we spent a couple of hours enjoying the beautiful day, and took some pictures as well! Then we made our first trip to Natural Grocers and fell in love. I first noticed the store when I was in Sedona a few weeks ago, but we were limited on time so didn’t get a chance to make it in. Then on our way to my sister’s competition we saw one and had to make a stop. The store is like a mini Whole Foods, except the prices are so much better! I shared on Instagram stories the few things that I picked up.

The last stop was to Petsmart, aka Brooke’s candy store. I always go crazy in there because they have so many cute things, (especially the ED collection, don’t get me started). I bought Darla a kitty collar that matched our last dog’s but also has a little bell so we don’t lose her, hehe. And a cute little outfit and dog bed, which I will share a picture of on next week’s post!

At the end of our full day was my sister’s competition. Her color guard is amazing and ended up placing third in state! She works so hard it was really exciting to see it pay off for her and her team!!

On Sunday I went hiking with a friend and brought Taco along with me. I should’ve taken some pictures because she was just so adorable! We missed Darla but she is too little and fluffy, I don’t want her getting too warm or falling. Aaaaand the fact that she won’t walk on a leash yet, hehe. We are working on it!! After that I went to Lux Central, a trendy little coffee shop in Downtown Phoenix. I haven’t spent a lot of time in that area but it was really cool and I decided I need to give it some more exploring. Look forward to that in a future post!! They have coffee shops on every corner which I love and some interesting looking parks. Love love love.  Anyways, this coffee spot was not the most up my alley except that they had sparkly donuts that were VEGAN. And they were amazing, totally made the drive worth it!!!

I got home around 4pm to do homework for the rest of the night, whiiiiich moved writing this post to the morning, hence the late posting (sorry!!!). Here’s to a wonderful and productive week, I will see you all next Monday! ♡♡♡

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  • Dayna

    April 3, 2017 at 12:13 pm Reply

    Seeing pictures of you in front of grape vines reminds me of Great Ones <3

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